Fevereiro 2020
AVN_AGATHA_120297fSANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (CNS) -- Catholic officials worked with government authorities to try to clean up after Tropical Storm Agatha left at least 180 Central Americans dead and hundreds of thousands homeless.

The season's first Pacific tropical storm dumped more than three feet of rain in some areas May 29 and 30, causing flooding and mudslides that forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands. It left a trail of destroyed homes, fallen bridges and damaged roads that government and church leaders said will take years to rebuild.

053110_tshole_doomsday_604x341"The destruction is extremely widespread. There is damage in at least 12 (of Guatemala's 22) departments, and it's severe," Ricardo Monterroso, the coordinator of emergency response for Caritas Guatemala, told Catholic News Service. "Entire villages were destroyed by mudslides."


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