Fevereiro 2020
IF YOU HAVEN'T DROP FOX News YET... here is another chance you have.

Today, President Obama spoke in Brazil, highlighting that country's rising economic power, growing middle class, and transition from military dictatorship to thriving democracy. The speech capped off a visit meant to promote the United States' economic relationship with Brazil and the entire South American region, with the stated purpose of encouraging job growth.


The speech drove home the very points Obama made in his March 18 USA Today op-ed in which he said: "That's one of the reasons I will travel to Latin America this week -- to strengthen our economic relationship with neighbors who are playing a growing role in our economic future." Ignoring the President's stated goals, Fox News spent the week portraying the trip as a vacation, calling it his "spring break" while claiming he was "leaving behind" the "budget crisis," as well as ignoring the dual crises occurring in Libya and Japan.

So how did Fox reconcile their week of smearing the President over his trip to Latin America with his speech promoting economic growth? By simply not airing the speech at all. READ MORE
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