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Os emigrantes e refugiados interpelam-nos. A resposta do Evangelho da misericórdia

Queridos irmãos e irmãs!

Na bula de proclamação do Jubileu Extraordinário da Misericórdia recordei que «há momentos em que somos chamados, de maneira ainda mais intensa, a fixar o olhar na misericórdia, para nos tornarmos nós mesmos sinal eficaz do agir do Pai» (Misericordiae Vultus, 3). De facto, o amor de Deus quer chegar a todos e cada um, transformando aqueles que acolhem o abraço do Pai noutros tantos braços que se abrem e abraçam para que todo o ser humano saiba que é amado como filho e se sinta «em casa» na única família humana. Deste modo, a ternura paterna de Deus, que se estende solícita sobre todos, mostra-se particularmente sensível às necessidades da ovelha ferida, cansada ou enferma, como faz o pastor com o rebanho. Foi assim que Jesus Cristo nos falou do Pai, dizendo que Ele Se inclina sobre o homem chagado de miséria física ou moral e, quanto mais se agravam as suas condições, tanto mais se revela a eficácia da misericórdia divina.

Neste nosso tempo, os fluxos migratórios aparecem em contínuo aumento por toda a extensão do planeta: prófugos e pessoas em fuga da sua pátria interpelam os indivíduos e as colectividades, desafiando o modo tradicional de viver e, por vezes, transtornando o horizonte cultural e social com os quais se confrontam. Com frequência sempre maior, as vítimas da violência e da pobreza, abandonando as suas terras de origem, sofrem o ultraje dos traficantes de pessoas humanas na viagem rumo ao sonho dum futuro melhor. Se, entretanto, sobrevivem aos abusos e às adversidades, devem enfrentar realidades onde se aninham suspeitas e medos. Enfim, não raramente, embatem na falta de normativas claras e praticáveis que regulem a recepção e prevejam itinerários de integração a breve e a longo prazo, atendendo aos direitos e deveres de todos. Hoje, mais do que no passado, o Evangelho da misericórdia sacode as consciências, impede que nos habituemos ao sofrimento do outro e indica caminhos de resposta que se radicam nas virtudes teologais da fé, da esperança e da caridade, concretizando-se nas obras de misericórdia espiritual e corporal.

DIA 28 DE JUNHO 2014- Pela Reforma Imigratoria nos EUAA decision was made at the May 20th Interfaith Network for Immigration Reform meeting to mobilize faith community participation in a New Yorkers for Real Immigration Reform event to be held at 12 p.m. on Saturday, June 28th at 26 Federal Plaza –the NYC headquarters of ICE.  

As immigrant family-separating deportations continue and advocates grow increasingly frustrated by the lack of action on immigration reform, the event is being held on the June 28th National Day of Action - the one year anniversary of the passage of the Senate CIR bill - with the following message:  Deportations that separate immigrant families must come to an end. The House must pass immigration reform legislation that keeps families together and puts undocumented immigrants on a path to citizenship, and the Obama Administration must stop the deportations that are shattering immigrant lives and families. 

The event will involve a "human chain of solidarity” in front of the building, and will begin with a press conference that frames our message.  Because a strong turnout is vital to the event's success, we are asking faith community leaders who are able to participate to do so, and also to mobilize participation of their congregants/constituents.  Please let us know at steinmandiane@gmail.com by Tuesday, June 17, whether you will be there and encourage others to join you.


immigration_reformOver the course of two thousand years, the Catholic Church has developed a special expertise in the area of immigration.  Our universal Church has observed and participated in migrations all across the globe.

We have helped millions of immigrants – Catholic and non-Catholic – to prosper in new lands.  We have done so and will continue to do so because we see the image and likeness of God in every human being. From the Prophets to recent papal teaching, the Church has a consistent message:
welcome the stranger (Mt 25:35).

We recognize that Catholics, all in good conscience, hold differing views about U.S. immigration policy.  We also know that many are dissatisfied with the status quo and are looking for a workable solution.  Our Catholic teaching provides important principles to guide us.




Welcoming Christ in the Migrant English brochure cover web Just as on the road to Emmaus, Christ's disciples met him in the guise of a stranger, this year's theme helps remind us that Christ makes himself present to each of us in the lonesome traveler, the newcomer, and the migrant.  We are called to open our hearts and provide hospitality to those in need. 

It is our duty to create a space of welcome and acceptance to the migrant who finds himself or herself far away from home and in a vulnerable situation. Throughout the fall we will be providing a number of resources that reflect on this theme.

Please check back regularly to see what new resources are available for your use.Some of these items will be available for download only while others will be available in bulk for a nominal price through the USCCB publishing office.If there are resources that you think would be helpful for your ministry, please let me know at TScribner@usccb.org, and I will do what I can to meet your needs.

 To purchase National Migration Week material, please contact USCCB publishing at 800-235-8722 or visit their website to browse Migration and Refugee Services material. We also encourage you to visit the Justice for Immigrants website, where you can find a wide range of educational resources on immigration and Catholic Social Teaching. 

Click > here< to order 2012 National Migration Week Materials
Homeland Security's inspector general plans a review of the immigration enforcement program that purports to target 'serious convicted felons' but which some accuse of racial profiling.

The Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General plans an investigation of an immigration enforcement program that purports to target "serious convicted felons" for deportation but has ensnared many illegal immigrants who were arrested but not subsequently convicted of crimes or who committed minor offenses, a letter obtained Wednesday shows.

The letter from acting Inspector General Charles K. Edwards to Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose), who requested an investigation late last month, said the watchdog agency had already scheduled a review of the program, known as Secure Communities.

EACH year, 50,000 green cards, which allow immigrants to become permanent residents and eventually qualify for United States citizenship, are randomly given away.

The 10 million or so aspiring Americans who enter this lottery every year do not have to have family members here. Nor do they have to demonstrate special skills. They merely have to come from a country, like my native Germany, that is underrepresented in the immigrant pool, fill out a simple form and hope that, against very long odds, they get to live the American dream.

Imagine my ecstasy, then, when I checked the State Department’s Web site in the early morning on May 1, and saw that I had won the lottery. Like tens of thousands of lucky winners all over the world, I stared at my screen in disbelief. Was my dream of staying in America really to be fulfilled? Could I one day call New York, a city I love like no other in the world, my home? The answer, it turns out, is a crushing no.

I've written before about the differences in tone between Fox News and their latest online venture, Fox News Latino. On the one hand, Fox News Latino is designed to expand Fox's audience to incorporate the rapidly growing Hispanic demographic.
On the other hand, Fox News has long had an editorial stance towards Hispanics that could best be described as "hostile." That dichotomy is on display again with news that the family of a Mexican teenager who was shot and killed by a border patrol agent in El Paso has filed a $25 million wrongful death suit. First the facts behind the story.

Hard-Working Immigrant Students Retain Path to Achieving the "Texas Dream"

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Because of the intervention of University Leadership Initiative ("ULI"), hard-working undocumented immigrant students no longer face a legal claim from the Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas (IRCOT) to be stripped of their right to pay instate tuition and take part in the "Texas Dream" of achieving a quality higher education.

On April 21, 2011, MALDEF filed a motion on behalf of University Leadership Initiative, defendant-intervenor in the case of IRCOT v. Texas, to dismiss IRCOT's claim. In response, IRCOT dropped its claim seeking to strike down the instate tuition law. Known as Texas House Bill ("HB 1403"), and signed into law by Governor Rick Perry in 2001, the instate tuition law provides educational access to all qualified Texas residents, regardless of immigration status.

Missas todos os Domingos, das 13:30 hs às 14:30 hs, seguida por "cafezinho" no salão paroquial da Igreja.

01.07, das 20 às 21hs - Grupo de Oração, na sala de reuniões da Igreja.
Sábado, 02.07 - Ensaio do Coral
na sala de reuniões da Igreja
31.07 às 14:30hs - Comemoração dos Aniversariantes do Mês. Se você é aniversariante e gostaria de participar, entre em contato com Fábio ou Eliana.

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