Abril 2021
Welcoming Christ in the Migrant English brochure cover web Just as on the road to Emmaus, Christ's disciples met him in the guise of a stranger, this year's theme helps remind us that Christ makes himself present to each of us in the lonesome traveler, the newcomer, and the migrant.  We are called to open our hearts and provide hospitality to those in need. 

It is our duty to create a space of welcome and acceptance to the migrant who finds himself or herself far away from home and in a vulnerable situation. Throughout the fall we will be providing a number of resources that reflect on this theme.

Please check back regularly to see what new resources are available for your use.Some of these items will be available for download only while others will be available in bulk for a nominal price through the USCCB publishing office.If there are resources that you think would be helpful for your ministry, please let me know at TScribner@usccb.org, and I will do what I can to meet your needs.

 To purchase National Migration Week material, please contact USCCB publishing at 800-235-8722 or visit their website to browse Migration and Refugee Services material. We also encourage you to visit the Justice for Immigrants website, where you can find a wide range of educational resources on immigration and Catholic Social Teaching. 

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