Fevereiro 2020
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day, we take this opportunity to point out a fault line in immigration politics.

Historically, ethnic groups have lobbied for immigration benefits for their own communities. Among the most successful at this endeavor has been the Irish community. This is not surprising because there are more people of Irish origin in the US than in Ireland.

The DV Lottery was initially created to benefit the Irish community. A quick search of the articles at the Irish Voice, the major newspaper serving the Irish community shows that the Irish community appear to believe that their immigration issues can be addressed to the exclusion of the immigration issues of other ethnic communities.

This is by no means unique: a look at the largely Indian community at ImmigrationVoice.org shows a narrow focus on EB3 quotas for India without a realization that the logjam affects the entire permanent Employment based immigration system in the US. While the pro-immigration forces' efforts are thus fragmented, the anti-immigration efforts are united against immigration as such giving them the political advantage that we have seen in legislative battles in the last decade.

Such a narrow focus on sub-sections of immigration has pros and cons. On the positive side, Congress likes to enact narrow benefits when there is a sympathetic story to be told. On the negative side, as the pro-immigration forces do not come together on issues that will help all affected communities, there is rarely a critical mass of support to get broad-based pro-immigration legislation passed.

Broad-based reform is necessary to continue America's immigration tradition. Today we celebrate Irish immigration as a part of this tradition.
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