Fevereiro 2020
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President Obama has indicated his support for comprehensive immigration reform and promised during his campaign to move this issue during his first year in office.  Several members of Congress have also stated their support for a comprehensive immigration reform bill to move forward this year.  CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION

The Catholic Church’s teaching on migration is based on the commitment to promote and defend human dignity with particular attention to the most vulnerable.  These principles include:
  • People have the right to find opportunities within their own homeland: they have the “right not to migrate.”
  • People have the right to migrate to support themselves and their families where conditions do not exist to meet their basic needs. 
  • Sovereign nations have the right to control their borders.
  • The human dignity and human rights of all migrants should be respected as part of enforcement and border control practices.      
Catholic Relief Services (CRS) works to reduce the need for people to migrate and protects those people who have little choice but to do so.  Through several initiatives, including the Catholic Campaign Against Global Poverty and the Justice for Immigrants Campaign CRS supports efforts to address the root causes of migration and fair, comprehensive immigration reform.


 Tell your members of Congress that fixing our broken immigration system is important to you.  Such comprehensive immigration reform legislation should include the following provisions:
1) A path to citizenship for the undocumented persons currently in our country.
2) Reform of our employment-based immigration system so that migrant workers can enter the United States and work in a safe, regulated, and humane manner.
3) Reform of the family-based immigration system so that waiting times for families to reunite in the U.S. are significantly reduced.
4) Restoration of due process protections for immigrants, including judicial discretion in removal proceedings, reform of our detention policies, and elimination of the 3 and 10-year bars to re-entry.
5) Initiatives that address the root causes of migration, such as promoting economic development in poor nations. 

For further information contact:

Tina Rodousakis, CRS Grassroots Advocacy Manager, 1-800-235-2772 x 7462;
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