Abril 2021

Dear Friends and Faithful,

Gratitude is at the basis of this day; gratitude is based on the capability to recognize the good things in life. So many times we are lost on searching for the things and people that have hurt us, and we do not rejoice for the things and people who helped us and made us happy.

So today, let us not think about anything negative; let us not complain; let us not feel sad. Today we have to be GRATEFUL for what we have; and it is a lot!

FREEDOM: I was in countries where for $ 20.00 they would eliminate a person! I was in countries where the law is good only for a few rich people. I was in countries where you had NO RIGHTS! So let us thank the Lord for FREEDOM! And let us work all together to keep it that way!

GOODS OF THE EARTH: and I mean food and drink. I know quite a few homeless people, but all have the minimum necessities of life. When you see a baby crying because he/she has no food in the stomach; when children in school in the morning are half a sleep because the day before they had nothing to eat; the you say, “Thanks God for this country”. But… we should not waste. I remember my mother wanted me to kiss a piece of bread fallen from the table and eat it… that was a great lesson in economy!

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: yes, it is a great liberty to be able to express my feelings and my faith, without the fear of being beheaded. Religious freedom is a the basis of every other freedom. Let us pray for it and defended from any political threat or gain!


Fr. Walter.

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