Fevereiro 2020

sinodo_medio_orienteSome of the 41 propositions of the Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops on the theme The Catholic Church in the Middle East: Communion and Witness."
Propositio 6 - The Land

Given that attachment to the land of one's birth is an essential element of the identity both of individuals and of peoples, as well as an environment of freedom, we exhort our faithful and our Church communities not to give in to the temptation to sell off their real estate. In difficult economic circumstances, we propose to help Christians ... retain possession of their lands or to acquire new ones through the creation of projects responsible for making them prosper, allowing the owners to stay where they are with dignity. This effort must be accompanied by an in-depth examination of the meaning of the Christian presence and vocation in the Middle East.
Propositio 11 - Pastoral practice for emigration

The presence of numerous Eastern Christians in all the continents challenges the Church to devise an appropriate pastoral programme in light of emigration:
  1. the Eastern bishops are to visit the seminaries of the Middle East to present the situation and the needs of their eparchies;
  2. the formation of seminarians with a missionary spirit, open to different cultures;
  3. the preparation and accompaniment of priests missioned outside the patriarchal territory;
  4. the promotion of vocations work in the communities outside of the patriarchal territory; and
  5. the sending of priests and the establishment of their own eparchies wherever the pastoral needs require them according to the canonical norms.
Propositio 12 - Emigration and Solidarity
  1. To awaken and reinforce a sense of solidarity and of sharing with the country of origin, by contributing to pastoral projects and in cultural, educational, economic and social development;
  2. to educate Christians who have emigrated to remain faithful to the tradition of their origins;
  3. to strengthen bonds of communion between emigrants and the Churches in their native countries.
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